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Bodysculpt is the ultimate class for getting you in shape. Bodysculpt is instructed by head trainer Dave. Dave has been through it all when it comes to training the body, he has seen it all and been involved in everything from competition body building, weight loss along with flexibility and mobility.

Bodysculpting teaches you all the techniques you need to know while having a watchful eye kept over you to ensure your movement is correct. Working in a fun atmospheric group always brings a great vibe into TNT GYM along with the competition of competing with the person next to you.

These classes are suitable for everyone, be it your first time in a gym to which you will be cared for and showed the ropes or if you are experienced athlete, these classes will put you through you paces.

Why not avail of our free 1 day pass for classes and give it a go.

TNT Gym Blackrock is now open & you can have a FREE Trial

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